Update: YB Chat LaSalle Park in Burlington

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Mon Jan 20 18:56:23 EST 2003

       Yesterday, (Sunday) I stood at the usual spot in front (lakeside)
of the bittersweet bushes in howling winds from about 3-5:30 PM and saw
no Yellow-breasted Chat. The previous birder (who digiscoped it) saw the
bird about 4 times earlier in the AM in this spot.
    Today I arrived at Lasalle Park at 8:15 AM and stood at the usual
spot.  Big difference in weather: sunny with less wind and ideal viewing
conditions. Two hours later, I saw many song sparrows, cardinals, et al,
and the territorial mockingbird make repeat visits to the bushes, and an
adult male BALD EAGLE flying over the marina parking area  but no Chat.

    It is with great pleasure to announce that at 11:21 AM today the
YELLOW BREASTED CHAT landed on the concrete embankment on the other side
of the trail, and permitted me to give it a good solid look. It then
flew to the bittersweet, and the mockingbird immediately drove it out.
I don't know where it went afterwards.
     3 hours of patient standing paid off!!  My recommendation for
others who haven't seen it is to stand quietly between the bittersweet
bushes and the lake shore. Eventually,  (if still alive) the Chat will
come. The bittersweet bushes border the lakeside of the trail, about
150' past the boardwalk. Dense brush
is on the opposite side.
    The Bald Eagle reappeared (another one?) and I left very satisfied
with my Chat.
    Also,  the Lincoln's Sparrow and the Catbirds are still at Hendrie
Valley just past the bridge on the boardwalk.

Lewis Crowell
East Aurora, NY USA

          LaSalle Marina/Park, Aldershot - Hwy. 403 from Hamilton to
Toronto or Plains  Rd. (Burlington) northeast to Waterdown Rd. / LaSalle
Park Rd., right (east)  to end of LaSalle Park Rd. at Hamilton Harbour.
Can also be reached by   taking North Shore Blvd. southwest along
Hamilton Harbour from QEW Exit 97.
                  Note: there is no exit to Waterdown Rd. from 403
  Once at the park, take the trail along the bay, heading east.  Past
the boardwalk there is a bench with some bittersweet bushes around it.
Ignore this. Continue about 30 feet to the next patch of bittersweet
bushes (orange-red berries) which are on the right, with a concrete(?)
embankment on the left with very dense brush on the slope above the

ltcjac at attglobal.net

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