Varied Thrush southeast of Picton

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Mon Jan 20 19:20:08 EST 2003

I found one of the Varied Thrushes today. It was a female. It was sitting in
the tree to the right of the feeder. I was under horrible time pressure so
could not wait around for the male. I was lucky to see the female since my
time was so short. It was 2 o'clock and she did not go to the feeder (which
was nearing empty) while I was there.

(copied instructions with some additions) The bird can be found at Civic
Address # 383 Prinyer's Cove Crescent which is quite far along this road
from #7. It is mandatory that birders park well off the road and not block
any driveways. The bird can be best viewed by approaching no closer than the
back of the double garage [walk along the left side of the garage] where it
can be viewed at the feeder on the RIGHT side of the house.

Directions: From Picton, take Highway 33 for about 10 km to almost the
Glenora Ferry, then turn onto County Road 7 and follow to
Lake-on-the-Mountain and a further 17 km to Prinyer's Cove Crescent (right
on a corner).

Driving conditions are wintery with snow covered roads and lots of drifting
from the open fields.

Sandra Eadie

"AEadie" <aved at>

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