Red-should. Hawk - Harlequin, Dunlin - Niagara River

Willie D'Anna & Betsy Potter dannapotter at
Tue Jan 21 05:50:28 EST 2003

A cold but beautifully sunny day (between lake-effect flurries) today,
Monday, on the river between Niagara Falls and Fort Erie.  Our highlight was
a gorgeous adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at Service Road 17 (about 1 mile north
of Black Creek) that allowed me to digiscope him from a close distance (from
the car with a window-mount).  The drake HARLEQUIN DUCK was still in Fort
Erie, between the second and third pulloffs north of the Chinese
Restaurants.  At one of these pulloffs, a shorebird flew within a couple
feet of me along the icy shore.  It continued flying south along the shore
acting as if it would land shortly, perhaps just around that next little
bend.  Of course, that was the last I saw of it.  It was too pale to be a
Purple Sandpiper and it had a noticeable wingstripe.  I only got my bins on
it just before I lost sight.  I am fairly certain but not positive that it
was a DUNLIN.  We also had an adult and an immature BALD EAGLE.  The number
of ducks south of the Peace Bridge makes for an awesome spectacle though we
had nothing unusual among them.

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
dannapotter at

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