Oakville - Quinte - Presq'ile - Cobourg ( Mon.Jan.20)

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 12:53:13 EST 2003

Hi all!
      I was on the road before 6am, questioning my sanity most of the way to 
Quinte. At 9:30 am, on Cty. Rd.#7 across from #1418 I spotted 2 Rusty 
Blackbirds. As I scoped them, they flew, being joined by another 4 over to 
the trees near #1472.
      I arrived at Prinyer's Cove feeder and immediately saw a Red-bellied 
Woodpecker and then a Northern Flicker - what an active feeder. After 15 
minutes, I momentarily saw a thrush, but did not even get the 'bins on it, 
before it disappeared. Another 10 minutes later the male Varied Thrush came 
into view and stayed for a good minute or two, but I could not get my video 
on it. Mr. Chapman, the homeowner, then appeared and I expressed my 
gratitude for his welcoming birders to observe this rare visitor from the 
       I carried on driving around the south end of the island and near 
#4545 Cty. Rd #8, before Waupoos saw a Bald Eagle(2nd or 3rd yr)- it was 
blowing so hard, that my bins were getting snow on the lenses.
       Driving towards Pt.Edward near South Bay on Cty. Rd.#9 at #3007 - 
another very active feeder - were 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds and another 4/5 
Rusty Blackbirds - it was very windy and the birds were up and down and 1 of 
about 50 Mourning Doves actually flew into the fence or some brush and was 
killed - I did not retrieve it.
       I arrived at Presq'ile about 2:30pm and found a 3rd. year Bald Eagle 
over the calf pasture and #83 Bayshore Dr.- a Common Crackle. I walked the 
trail through Job's woods, but saw nothing but tracks. I did see a 
White-tailed doe and got some video of her. On the way out I saw 4 more 
deer(all does - was recent cull only of bucks?)
       My last stop was Cobourg Harbour, where I saw 2 adult and 1, 
2nd.winter Glaucous Gulls on the ice. On the west beach open water side, 
were 5 Trumpeter Swans(Yellow wing tags - #658,664,675 and ?65 or 65? - plus 
one tag I could not see at all). It was 5pm and the howling wind finally 
chased me home.
                              Cheers!  Maris

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