HAWK OWL - 401/Guelph Line

Christopher T. Burris cburris at watarts.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jan 21 18:52:31 EST 2003

The Northern Hawk Owl was present in the vicinity of 401/Guelph Line until
at least 430pm today. In the 1 hour or so of observation time, it moved
around fairly frequently -- from the power lines to the right of the
entrance drive to Ridley's Windows & Doors, to the row of trees paralleling
the 401 near the Ridley's building, to the power lines along Reid Rd.
itself. At one point, after apparently catching a rodent, it perched
semi-concealed in a deciduous tree on the S. side of Reid Rd. It generally
seems tolerant of human traffic, seeming unfazed by semi trailers departing
from Ridley's and a snowmobiler close by. At the same time, it did depart
beyond visibility to the SW for about 5 minutes, coincident with the
arrival of a number of new observers, but thankfully returned to a power
line perch. Good luck to other observers.

Directions adapted from Lou Marsh's post:

Reid Road is unmarked. It is immediately south of Hwy 401 and runs west off
Guelph Line. The bird is quite near the intersection of Reid Road and Guelph
Line. It can be spotted off the narrow bridge on Guelph Line that runs over
the 401. Note, for those coming from the west, that Reid Rd. is the T with
the 312 (Guelph Line) exit. Instead of turning left at the T, turn right,
and the Ridley's drive is immediately right.

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