Northern Hawk Owl

blgapes blgapes at
Wed Jan 22 15:53:36 EST 2003

Just before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon we found the Hawk Owl in a tree in the
field north of Reid Road just before highway 401. It was in the same field
in front of the Ridley Windows factory and very easy to find and see with
Thanks to the friendly birder who already has his scope on the bird so that
we did not have to get ours out in the bitterly cold weather.

Directions:   south from Guelph Line turn left (west) at the first road past
the Presbyterian church in Campbellville. (Reid Road)

             north from Guelph Line turn right at the first road (Reid)
after 401.

Bob and Lynn Gapes

blgapes <blgapes at>

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