Long-tailed Duck at Sombra

Blake Mann boatmann at kent.net
Thu Jan 23 15:53:21 EST 2003

Hi Winter Birders,
An update for the St. Clair River.  Today I spotted a male LONG-TAILED DUCK
just south of Sombra at the head of Fawn Island.  This species is rare for
the main part of the river, but is seen frequently at Sarnia and Point
The river is mostly choked with ice up to Courtright, but there are a few
open areas.  (Sombra Ferry has not been running)  In fact, there are more
ducks now.  Most are in an open area between Sombra and Fawn Island.  About
2000 ducks, geese and swans are here.  Most are Redheads and Canvasbacks
with lesser numbers of Greater Scaup, Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Common
Mergansers, and 2 Red-breasted Mergansers, and 1 Ring-necked (male).  Both
Tundra and Mute Swans are here.  Two Bald Eagles are in the area.  I have
not seen the two White-winged Scoters lately.  They were the only scoters on
the recent waterfowl survey of the entire area.  The Hooded Mergansers have
left, unless some are still on the USA side.
Most of the gulls have left, but there are still good numbers (inc.
Glaucous) north of Sombra.  A first basic Lesser Black-backed Gull was south
of Courtright yesterday.

Directions to Sombra and St. Clair River:  Find Hwy 40 which runs N/S
between Sarnia and Wallaceburg.  Turn west on Lambton Rd. 2 (Bentpath Line)
and take to
Sombra on the river.  Sombra Bay is right in front of you.  Fawn Island is
just to the south of the village.  The St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) follows
the river along its length.
Blake  A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
email:  boatmann at kent.net

"Blake Mann" <boatmann at kent.net>

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