3 Gyrfalcon - all together in one spot - Sault Ste. Marie

McIlwrick, Ken kmcilwri at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Jan 24 13:49:47 EST 2003

Hi fellow birders,

This posting includes a snippet from yesterdays Border Birder Hotline Report

...and the highlight for this update period is a report today (January 23,
2003) of three gray-phase gyrfalcon, all observed together, out in front of
the bush plane museum, on the St Mary's River ice.  One of these birds was
likely a male as it was smaller than the other two and appeared a bit
lighter in colour.  One of the two larger birds (which were likely females)
was feeding on a Rock Dove out on the ice while the other two would
alternate between flying around the kill site and landing on the ice by the
feeding bird.  All three birds were eventually chased off by an adult Bald
Eagle that was looking to get into the action.  Just to note that two of
these Gyrfalcon were first seen on the 19th out in front of Pine Street
Marina and one of these birds was seen on the 20th on the Church at Albert
Street.  At least two adult and two immature Bald Eagles have been observed
regularly along the St. Mary's River since the 19th. The Sharp-shinned Hawk
that has been hunting small birds behind White Pines High School was seen on
the 19th and again on the 21st feeding on a prey item.  On the 18th a
Cooper's Hawk was observed at close range feeding on a Dark-eyed Junco at a
residence on River Rd.  The American Kestrel, that has been seen regularly,
on Whitefish Island along the recreation locks, was last seen on the


One of the larger (presumed female) Gyrfalcon was again seen today (January
24, 2003), feeding on Rock Dove not too far from where the three birds were
seen yesterday.

Directions to site: Once in Sault Ste. Marie, head for downtown. Try to
locate Church/Pim Street and follow Church Street to almost the end and turn
left into the parking lot of the District OMNR Office (please park in the
visitors parking).  Walk out to near the rivers edge and scan upstream (to
your right) first, then try to cover as much of the river as you can.  There
are many other places along the river upstream and downstream to view birds.
Grab a map and have fun.

Ken McIlwrick
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