Northern Hawk Owl -Campbellville - Saturday morning

Mark Cranford cranford7 at
Sat Jan 25 12:36:05 EST 2003

I watched the Campbelville Hawk Owl from 9:150AM to 9:30AM this morning
  at the car pool parking lot.

Also saw a heavily marked Snowy Owl at Pier 26 - Tollgate Ponds of Eastport 
Drive in Hamiliton

  Directions:Campbellville  From the 401 exit at Guelph Line and go south. 
It is the
  first road south of 401 to the west at the car pool parking lot.

Since the lift bridge is closed: from points
  east of Burlington you must travel over the Burlington skyway bridge; exit
  at Woodward Ave and travel back towards the bay to pier 26.
  From Niagara; exit at Hwy 20 (Centennial) and stay on the north service 
  (lakeside) past Hutches Restaurant to the lights were you turn left to go
  under the QEW to Eastport...then right over to pier 26

Mark Cranford
Mississauga, Ont.
cranford7 at

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"Mark Cranford" <cranford7 at>

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