Saw-whet owl, N. shrike, Guelph Lake

Paul Kron pkron at
Sun Jan 26 12:35:04 EST 2003

At 8:30 AM on Sunday January 26, there was a northern saw-whet owl just 
southeast of Guelph Lake near Guelph.

At 9:00 Am, there was an immature northern shrike on Rd #22 just 
northwest of Guelph lake.

Directions follow.

Paul Kron
pkron at

Saw-whet owl:
Going northeast from Guelph on #124 (formerly known as Hwy 24) the road 
crosses Guelph lake then intersects with Wellington Cty Rd 29 at a 
traffic light at the village of Eramosa. Go south on #29 until you pass 
the lake again on your right; immediately after this there is a dirt 
road that turns off to the right (sorry, I don't know the name; it's 
not named on my map). Go 0.4 km up this road until you see a spot on 
your right where there is room to pull off the road; there is a large 
maple tree at this spot with graffiti spray-painted on the trunk. The 
owl was initially sitting in the buckthorn shrub (with berries) 
immediately under the tree. It flew off into the pines to the right of 
this spot after a couple of minutes.

Northern shrike:
Follows directions above to the intersection of 124 and 29. Turn north 
on 29 and continue on to road #22; turn right and watch trees along 
this road. The shrike was in the top of a tree right by the road, 0.3 
km from the intersection with Jones Baseline.

Paul Kron <pkron at>

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