Gray Partrdge Brantford Airport.

Dave Don davedon56 at
Sun Jan 26 13:57:33 EST 2003

Hi birders,
               At 11am today I had a Covey of 6 Gray Partrdge,on 
Confederation Freezers property, in the Brantford Airport complex. The birds 
were feeding actively in the fresh snow, under Evergreen trees, right at the 
corner junction of Hwy 53 / York Rd. The birds were vieved well, from about 
50yds, whilst sitting in my car, till a loud Snowplough, made them take 
flight. The birds only flew approx 30yds, to take cover under a Evergreen, 
directly behind a sign saying Shipping/Receiving Doors 1-6. The birds 
remained there till I left at  11am.
       Directions.Hwy 403 to Hwy 24 South, which is known as Rest Acres Rd.  
Follow 24 South till you get to Hwy 53. Turn left on 53 & York Rd is on your 
left, opposite where all the new yellow  school buses are parked.
        GOOD LUCK.  Dave Don.

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"Dave Don" <davedon56 at>

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