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Ken Clarke kennclarkebirds at
Sun Jan 26 16:09:49 EST 2003


I often believe that the third report of birds in the same place is an 
indication that they can be reliably found there.  This morning I saw 7 Gray 
Partidges in the field off Yuill Road south of Delhi. They had buried 
themselves in the newly fallen snow and appeared like a collection of corn 
stuble. A close look revealled that one of these stalks had a head. As I got 
out of the car, they flushed.

Directions: to Gray Partridges (from George Pond), from Simcoe go west
on No. 3 Highway to the Turkey Point Road which is Regional 10-Turn
south for 1 concession [Charlotteville 11 road ]-Turn west to next road
[ Yuill Road ] birds were in the north east field.

Must fly
Ken Clarke
Straford, ON

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