Bluebirds in Innisfil

G.Baker gbaker2871 at
Tue Feb 11 18:09:34 EST 2003

Today I saw 6 Eastern Bluebirds while driving to work at about 10:45
am..They were feeding on Cedar Cones along the 3rd. Line of Innisfil,west of
Hwy. # 11.There were 4 adult males and 2 drab females /or juveniles.
I have seen and heard of numerous reports of Bluebirds all winter,but this
has been my only sighting ever in the Winter.
 The 3rd. Line of Innisfil is located 2 Lines north of Hwy #89 in the Town
of Innisfil.

Cheer,s Garth N. Baker/Innisfil
gbaker2871 at

"G.Baker" <gbaker2871 at>

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