Trumpeter swans at Wye Marsh

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Wed Feb 12 15:45:41 EST 2003

Anyone interested in seeing trumpeter swans can go to the Wye Marsh Wildlife
Centre, where there is a large overwintering flock. I volunteer there, and
every week since November I have noted between 40 and 70 swans. They are in
an open patch of water, which the Centre keeps open for them, on a
well-marked path from the centre. They also feed the flock, which keeps them
coming back of course. These are second- and I think even third-generation
wild birds. This large flock is quite a sight in the snowy marsh. They are
not there every day, but fly in and out most days (where do they go? There
is no obvious open water around here at the moment.).
Wye Marsh is located in Midland, on hwy. 12, just across from the Martyrs'
Shrine, and next to Ste. Marie among the Hurons. Tel. is 705 526-7809
Dorothy Harper, Lafontaine Ontario

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