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Thu Feb 13 09:54:09 EST 2003

Dear fellow birding enthusiasts,

At Bird Studies Canada we are gearing up for the 2003 Nocturnal Owl Survey, 
and are looking for eager volunteers to fill available routes.  Initiated 
in 1995, this survey monitors owl populations so that we can determine if 
logging practices are negatively affecting owls. The survey is completed 
during a single evening in April, beginning 30 minutes after sunset, and 
takes approximately 3 hours to complete. A broadcast tape or CD containing 
pre-recorded owl calls and timed listening periods is played at fixed 
intervals along the roadside. During each listening period, the surveyor 
records all species of owls seen and heard.

I have listed the available routes below, as well as the nearest town. If 
you are interested in surveying one of the routes, or would like more 
information, please contact Susan Debreceni by phone or email (toll free: 
1-888-448-2473; sdebreceni at Routes will be filled on a first 
come first serve basis.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Central Ontario:
3 : Sparrow Lake (closest town: Port Stanton)
105 : Mooresburg (closest town: Elmwood)
130: Charcoal Valley (closest town: Espanola)
187: Charles Lake (closest town: Wiarton)
193: Port Elgin (closest town: Inverhuron)
240: River Valley to Temagami Lake (closest town: River Valley)
281: Saugeen (closest town: Tiverton)
289: Mattawa (closest town: Mattawa)
327: Four Mile Lake Rd (closest town: North Bay)

Northern Ontario:
33: Matchewan - Hwy 66 (closest town: Matchewan)
76: South Porcupine (closest town: S. Porcupine)
79: Crib Road (closest town: Longlac)
84: Wolf Lake Rd (closest town: Dorion)
132: 81 Road - Hwy 17 (closest town: Nipigon)
167: Elk Lake to Gowganda (closest town: Elk Lake)
170: Armstrong (closest town: Armstrong)
215: Hwy 613 (closest town: Devlin)
220: Nakina Hwy 584 North (closest town: Geraldton)
268: Athelstane Rd (closest town: Kabaigon)
320: Matheson (closest town: Shillington)

Debbie Badzinski,Bird Population Biologist
Bird Studies Canada/Études d'Oiseaux Canada
P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan, Ontario, N0E 1M0
(519) 586-3531 ext. 211 or 1-888-448-BIRD
dbadzinski at
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