Ducks in Dundas, Harlequin Duck, Bald Eagle in Hamilton

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Thu Feb 13 17:17:38 EST 2003

The Desjardin Canal in Dundas still has open water and attracts many water
Trumpeter Swan- 2 [inc. yellow tag #442]
Northern Pintails [2 pair]
Green Winged Teal- 1 female at the west end
Common Merganser -5
Hooded Merganser -2 [1 pair]
Redhead- 1 male, west end
Hundreds of Canada geese, Mallards, Mallard hybrids,  and Black Ducks.

The canal runs adjacent to Cootes Drive, just east of Dundas, just west of
McMaster University.

Lake Ontario at Hutch's restaurant [off Eastport Dr.]:

White-winged Scoter- ~10
Bufflehead- 4 [2pair]
Redbreasted Merganser- 2 female
One can each lunch there very cheaply  and watch the ducks from inside.
[Windchill -30 C. today.]

Burlington Bay just south of  [inoperable] liftbridge (looking west toward
the steel plants from Eastport Dr.):
Harlequin Duck- 1 male, hidden in the raft below:
Common Goldeneye- about 40 close to the road
Bufflehead- 4
White-winged scoter- 10
Bald eagle- 1 juevenile ? 2 yr scavenging along the bayshore.

There are also thousands of ducks, scaup,mergansers, goldeneyes,scoters, at
the west end of the bay near the Inland Waters Centre. (accessable only from
the north)

RedHill Creek Basin [from the bridge on South Gateway off Eastport]:
Ruddy Duck- 4
Hooded Merganser- 1 pair
American Coot -1

Eastport Drive is the road that runs under the Burlington Skyway (QEW).
Please remember that the bridge is not working, so the places mentioned here
are accessible only from the south.  Since the bridge is out, there is
almost no traffic, so it is relatively safe to stop there.  Usually very
busy and very dangerous,  vehicle speed >100km/hr.

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