Snowy Owl still at Holland Marsh

G.Baker gbaker2871 at
Sat Feb 15 11:31:23 EST 2003

Sorry for the late report !

 Yesterday morning the Adult Male Snowy Owl was relocated in the Holland
Marsh Vegetable Flats.I observed it on Day Street,north of Devald across
from #127. He was sitting approx. 100 yards from the road and was not
agitated by my presence as I got out of my Car and Scoped him for 10
 Also seen yesterday were a Northern Shrike at the corner of Devald and
Wanda,A Dark Phased Rough-legged Hawk sitting atop a Utility Pole due east
from the corner of Simcoe and Tornado and 30+ Snow Buntings on Woodchoppers
Lane between Keele and Jane.

The Holland Marsh is easily accessed off the Hwy. #400 at Canal Road on the
West side of the Marsh,or Hwy #11 and Bathurst on the East side of the
Marsh.Travelling the local roads inside the Marsh can very time consuming as
many are Dead Ends.

 Cheer's ;Garth/Innisfil

"G.Baker" <gbaker2871 at>

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