Ducks-Burlington, etc.

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Sun Feb 16 15:30:59 EST 2003

After seeing #150 for my winter list-a Sapsucker near Guelph, I crawled down 
Guelph Line to the lake in a snowstorm. Sheltering from the high winds 
around the Travelodge Hotel were 20 + Canvasback, a female Long-tailed Duck, 
43 Trumpeter & 35 Mute Swans, 25 White-winged and 6 Surf Scoters, 4 American 
Coot, Gadwall, Black Ducks, etc. There was a dead Canada Goose with an 
orange neckband and two silver bands on its left leg ( no wonder it perished 
! )
At Fruitland in Stoney Creek, much ice was evident due to the winds. Only an 
adult male Black Scoter flew by.
Just south on Eagle at Bloor ( near Islington) good views were obtained of 
an adult Peregrine ( #151 )perched on top of the video camera on the 
highrise ledge.
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