Male Harlequin Duck - Burlington

Ady Gancz agancz at
Sat Mar 8 16:39:47 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

Another great day at the Burlington-Hamilton area!
The highlight this time was an adult male Harlequin Duck in perfect
breeding plumage. The duck came into my (scope) view at about 12:30 as I
was scanning the hundreds of ducks in the Canal (under
Burlington-Hamilton Skyway Bridge, off Eastport Drive). It was keeping
mainly to the East side of the Canal, while I was standing on the West
side (the side of the Canada Center for Inland Waters). The large
numbers of ducks present in the canal (Redheads, Lesser Scaup,
Canvasback, Ring-necked, Long-tailed, White-winged Scoter, Bufflehead,
Goldeneye, RB Merganser, Black Duck, Mallards ...) are going to make the
finding of this duck difficult, but definitely rewording! 

To get there from the 403 - take the QEW to Niagara and get off right
away at North Shore Boulevard (Burlington). At the first light take left
and then take the first right to Eastport Drive. Go straight all the way
and turn left again at the blinking red light next to the Canada Center
for Inland Waters. Go straight ahead till the road ends and you have a
dirt road (track) on your left. Follow this track for another 100m to
the Canal. Be very quite at this point, as you can easily scare away all
the birds.

Other birds seen from the Spencer-Smith park and from the Travel Lodge:
I did not see the King Eider from last week, though I was told that
other birders did see it earlier.
One Black Scoter (a first year type) was seen from the Travel Lodge
after a considerable time of searching the other Scoters (WW and Surf).
This bird is not easy to find and requires a scope. Other than that a
similar variety of duck species as described for the Canal was present,
with more Scoters but less of the other species. 5 Ruddy Ducks were also
present as were 2 (wing-tagged) Trumpeter Swans.

Ady Gancz,

Guelph, ON.
Ady Gancz <agancz at>

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