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Sat Mar 8 18:16:53 EST 2003

   This morning Frank and Bessie Sniderman found a Gt. BLUE HERON standing 
by a nest in the Heronry in the old Ipperwash Ranges just across the road 
from their home.   Yesterday they also had their first Song SPARROW .
       With the Lake Huron frozen out beyond vision, there is a minimum of 
water with an easily accessible bottom. It is interesting to hear from Pete 
Chapman that many small openings in the Ausable River in Hungry hollow 
contain C. GOLDENEYE.  One female is so 'Chatty' as to be recogniseable!.
        The West Ipperwash Rd is off Hwy. 21  2Km. east of Northville.
        Hungry Hollow is 3 Km. East of Arkona in Middlesex county.
        Some Ont.Birds readers went to the Pinery this weekend and had a 
Tufted Titmouse feed out of their hands at Picnic area #9.
                                 Good Birding.  Alf.
         Alf Rider
         Forest Ont.

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