Gray Partridge at Brantford Airport

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Tue Mar 4 22:50:08 EST 2003

Sorry for the late post, but George Prieksaitis and I visited Brantford 
Airport on Sunday, March 2nd and found two coveys of Gray Partridge. The 
first was a group of four (4) birds foraging on grasses in rather deep 
snow immediately on the north-west side of the cross street (opposite 
the end of Airport Road, between the yellow hydrant and the large white 
sign board, not more than ten feet from passing cars!) where Airport 
Road tees into the terminal access road. After a little while they flew 
off into the fenced-in wooden pallet storage area on the east quadrant 
of this tee junction intersection. The second was a group of five (5) 
birds huddled on relatively bare ground under a small group of mature 
spruce in the yard of a warehouse, with truck bays, on the north-east 
quadrant of the junction of York Road and Colborne Street West.

Directions: From Hamilton take Highway 403 west through Brantford and 
continue on for several km until you reach Highway 24. Exit onto Highway 
24 and go south for about 3+ km to the traffic light at Burford / 
Colborne Street West (the intersection is Burford Street to the west, 
and Colborne Street West to the east). Turn left / east on Colborne, go 
about 1+ km, past the school buses on the left, and you will come to the 
first of two left turns into the airport property. The first left turn 
is Airport Road. The second left turn is York Road. Turning left / north 
on Airport Road you go about 200 m and there is a road to the right - 
this is York Road and it curves back out to Colborne. Continuing a 
further 200 m north you come to a tee junction with another road - right 
also curves back to York and out to Colborne, left goes to a dead end at 
the terminal building. I have based my directions on the map I found by 
searching Canada 411, "Find a Business", for "Brantford Flight Centre" 
in Brantford.

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