CCIW Ducks

Jen, Mike & Jill gambit.2 at
Tue Mar 4 23:50:33 EST 2003

NatureGreetings all!

This afternoon we saw a SURF Scoter hanging out with the White-Winged
Scoters in the open water of the channel.  Other species of note were:
Red-necked Grebe
Ring-necked duck
Longtailed Ducks

Hoping to see Eiders, but they haven't shown up yet!

Jennifer Dow

Canada Centre for Inland Waters is located under the Burlington-Hamilton
Skyway Bridge off of Eastport Drive.  As it is a government building, access
is restricted.  You can see most of the birds from public access points
along the canal and near the man-made islands.

"Jen, Mike & Jill" <gambit.2 at>

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