Windsor Glaucous G., Br. Thrasher, N. Shrike, N. Sawwhet Mar. 6

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Thu Mar 6 13:42:15 EST 2003

Some species in Windsor today:

Glaucous Gull - adult at Abars Tavern on Detroit River
W. Winged Scoter - 2 at Peche Island, Lakeview Marina
Ring-necked Duck - male at Peche I., Lakeview Marina

N. Sawwhet Owl - base of hill at Little River
Long Eared Owl - 5 along old river course Little River
Brown Thrasher - 300 meters south of hill on paved
N. Shrike - Between Johns Pond and hill at Little

Directions: From Ouellette Ave. drive east on
Drive past Central and Jefferson Ave. At Lauzon Ave.,
turn left into the parking lot at Abars bar.
Continue east along Riverside Drive to Riverdale.
Turn left at Riverdale into Lakeview Park Marina (gave
wrong street yesterday) to view Peche Island, or turn
right on Riverdale and go 1.6 k to Little River Road.
Turn left at Little R. Road and go 250 meters to the
parking lot for Little River. The hill is beside the
parking lot, and a plowed paved walkway leads south to
the Thrasher, Shrike and Long-eared Owls.

Good Birding,
Fred Urie
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