Greater-white Fronted Goose Dunnville

Jim Smith benavis at
Sat Mar 8 14:47:40 EST 2003

Someone with more goose experience could check this one out.  It is 
either Greater-white Fronted or a hybrid.  It doesn't match any of the 
domestic geese that I am familiar with.
Found behind the Rodia Factory formally Aldbright and Wilson on the East 
side of Port Maitland. (East side of the Grand River) A very large 
number of Canadas are located at the warm water outflow.
Dunnville, take # 3 Highway follow the river and through town and onto 
Regional Rd. 3.  Follow this road until you got through a little village 
called Stromness.  The first road after the village is Regional Rd. 64. 
Proceed along this road until you see the factory. Cross the railroad 
tracks and the birds should be on your left.
If someone does check this one out I'd appreciate knowing what your take 
is on the bird.
Jim Smith
benavis at

Jim Smith <benavis at>

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