King Eider still at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington

Luc Fazio LLukeFazio at
Sat Mar 8 19:31:31 EST 2003

Hi all:
   We refound the King Eider ( 1st year male )this morning, Sat. March 8/03  @ 10 AM, at Spencer-Smith Park in Burlington. Some 15 birders saw it.
   Spencer-Smith Park is located at the Brant/Lakeshore intersection on lake Ontario, in Burlington [ just West of the Travelodge Inn].
    In a sweep of "Lake" bird from Burlington to Port Credit here are the more interesting birds. Note that most birds were in their "spring" plumage and many were raging with hormonal driven courtship rituals; some were still in their 'eclipsed' plumage; and, others were moulting and could not 'fly'.

    Red-necked Grebe  -- 1 flying at Spencer-Smith Park
    DC Cormorants- many
    Great-blue Heron 1 flying
    All three Cygnus Swans: 4 Tundra were flying at the Travelodge Inn, many Trumpeters, and many more Mutes
    All three Mergansers ( dashing males Red-necked Mergies were full of testosterone and put on quite a courting show }
    Amongst the hundreds of Canadas, we did NOT find the 'Blue phase' Snow.
    Stifftails Oxyura, Ruddy ducks- many could not 'fly' (lack of primaries?) but their bills (as the hunters would say) were spring "blue".
    Many Anas (dabbling ducks): Mallard, Black, Gadwall, Am Wigeon (2), N. Pintail(2)...
    Some Aythya 'Pochards' or diving ducks: immaculate Canvasbacks, tidy Redheads, fresh Ring-necked, thousands of Greater & fewer Lesser Scaups.
    King Eider- 1 immature male ( first year)
    All three Melanittas Scoters- hundreds of White-winged, tens of Surf, 3 Blacks.{their bills and heads/eyes colourations are to be admired when sees as close as we did!!}
    Sea Ducks by the hundreds: Long-tailed, Common Goldeneye ('Whistlers'),
    Buffleheads,... many of these ( re: Long-tailed)were very vocal chatterers!
     Iceland Gull 1 flying at Appleby Lane lookout
    'Land birds' were scarce with the exceptions of Red-tailed Hawks posted on every tall tree and thousands of paired-up Ring-billed, Herring, and few GBB 'Gulls'.
     Peregrine Falcon 1 ( in Port Credit harbour)
     Pileated Woodpecker 1, East ofCredit River at Queensway, Mississauga
     Carolina Wren 1 heard
     BC Chickadees- 5
     Mockingbird 1 (in Port Credit)
     Crows 10 altogether today; but opposite Square One ( South od Burnhamthope) I have seen at least 100 Crows
     Red-winged Blackbird 1
    There are at least 50 Am. Robins, 50 Am. Goldfinch, &  10 House Finches, that sing most of the time, now on my street in Mississauga
    Do not dread.. seasons are changing. Enjoy the outdoors!
    Luc Fazio


2347 Nikanna Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario
905-2734596      BE at Peace with Nature

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