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This morning, Saturday, there was a McIlwraith hike in East London, which
turned up some good birds that others in the London area might be interested
At the river directly south of the Pottersburg Pollution plant, (Dogs Off
Leash Parking lot), there was a White-Winged Scoter and a Hermit Thrush.
Also 2 Great Blue Herons.
Further west at the Meadowlily Bridge a Red-Necked Grebe was in the river
just below us. After we walked over the bridge near the river to the west
were 2 Brown Creepers.
Most exciting moment was when we were standing under the Highbury bridge
looking at the Rock Dove nests and 3 deer came rushing down the bank almost
touching us. Two fled back up the hill but the leader swerved and galloped
through the river past us until it could get up the bank further on.
Ann White
dwhite at odyssey.on.ca

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