Red-shouldered hawk - Oakville/Mississauga

Jennifer Minogue jminogue at
Mon Mar 17 11:25:56 EST 2003

A red-shouldered hawk was seen in a row of trees next to Winston
Churchill Blvd on Saturday, March 15, 1:35 p.m.  (haven't been near a
computer, sorry for the lateness).

Directions:  South from 401 on Winston Churchill Blvd (Mississauga) to
just after Royal Windsor Drive (you are getting close to the lake).
Just after the railroad tracks there is a row of trees to the right,
perpendicular to the road.  The hawk was sitting in the trees quite
close to the road.  Across the road in a dead tree was a red-tailed hawk
as well.

Jennifer Minogue
Milton (Nassagaweya)
jminogue at

Jennifer Minogue <jminogue at>

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