Don Perks dperks0531 at
Mon Mar 17 16:22:37 EST 2003

Hi Andy;
  I hope this reachs you it seems I have sent several to the same
address.Take the Q.E. to Bronte south to Rebecca go right on New St cross
the 12 mile creek to Mississaga St. at the lights here go right into the
Shell Property park at the first lot on the left and cross the road by a
sighn and walk into the pines (man it's wet)
Follow my out prints to my stamped in thesnow "owl" by 2 spruce trees (small
trees) then the owl was in these treesI saw no sign of droppings except new
ones so this bird is a migrant.This is possibly private so I don't know how
they will react but others have looked before
Good Luck

"Don Perks" <dperks0531 at>

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