Presqu'ile Waterfowl Workshop Saturday March 22

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March 17, 2003.

Each year, thousands of Waterfowl, including a number of unique species,
visit the waters surrounding Presqu'ile Provincial Park in Brighton. Come
and see them as a participant in our renowned NatureWorks workshop program.

Using specimens, videos and our slide collection, we'll sharpen your
observation skills and tell you about the remarkable habits of waterfowl.
For example, did you know that some species of ducks dive to a depth of 200
feet and others could crunch their way through a bed of zebra mussels?
We'll then take you to our "hot spots" to view up to 25 species in action.

Your leaders are the well-known team of local birders, Don & Ian Shanahan.

This Morning adult workshop is recommended for persons 14 years of age 
and over. The NatureWorks fee including free Park entry is only $15.00 per
person. Powerful bird sighting scopes are provided.

These popular programs for the naturally curious fill up quickly. Please 
telephone 613-475-1688 to reserve your space now.

NatureWorks is sponsored by The Friends of Presqu'ile Provincial Park in 
partnership with Ontario Parks. Visit our web site at: for more information about NatureWorks and 
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

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