boh. waxwings, buntings, killdeer, ducks and swans @ Presquile Waterfowl Festival

Andrew Keaveney andrew_keaveney at
Mon Mar 17 23:47:33 EST 2003

Hello all.

Come one, come all!  The Presquile Waterfowl Festival
is next weekend too!!!  Come out for the day or stay
nearby for the weekend.  Or try winter camping!!!

I helped out at the Presquile Waterfowl Festival this
weekend and saw the following species along with many
other new migrants others have been reporting:

Bohemian Waxwings (1+?) - calling and flying over by
Jobe's Woods along road.

Snow Buntings (12+) - flying over and calling at point
at lighthouse station throughout sat. and sun.

Bald Eagles (2 imm.) - High Bluff Island across from
Owen Point.

White-winged Scoters, Wood Ducks (5+), Pintail (1),
Blue-winged Teal (2 males) and many others including
thousands of Greater Scaup but not a single Lesser to
be found!

There was also a Red-breasted Nuthatch making the
funkiest call i've yet to ever hear!  Very reminescent
of a White-winged Crossbill!!!


Presquile Provincial Park can be found by taking the
401 and exiting to Brighton, then following the park

Cheers all,

Andrew Keaveney
Guelph, Ontario, Canada (celebrating St. Patrick's Day!)

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Andrew Keaveney <andrew_keaveney at>

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