Red-necked Grebe near Port Lambton (& Wallaceburg)

Blake Mann boatmann at
Tue Mar 18 10:49:00 EST 2003

Hi all,
Just by chance I sighted a Red-necked Grebe on the Snye River (Chenal
Ecarte) south of Port Lambton about 10 a.m..  I assume it is the same one
that has been in the general area since early February.  It is interesting
that it keeps showing up at different places, each time being farther south.
It was at the same location (in front of Snye View Orchards) as the
Black-necked Stilt was almost 15 months ago, for those who remember that.
There are lots of Hooded Mergansers at the above location, and elsewhere.
There are still two Horned Grebes near the Port Lambton dock.

Directions:  On highway 40 N/S between Wallaceburg and Sarnia find Lambton
Line (Rd. 1) and take west to Port Lambton.  At St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33)
take left (south) and go out of village about 3.5 km.  The Snye is on your
right, and Walpole Island is the far shore.
Blake  A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
email:  boatmann at

"Blake Mann" <boatmann at>

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