Fw: Black-billed Magpie; Guelph

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A Black-billed Magpie show its face today while I was driving school today
at about 750 on Hwy #6 (Gordon St.) just north of the Gordon St./Lowes
intersection south of Guelph.  It was in some of the
scrubby/urban/agricultural mixed areas just south of the city.  The magpie
was hanging on a small tree in a fairly open/scrubby area with houses
intermixed on the west side of Gordon St, and I watched it for about 5
minutes before having to take off.  There were a bunch of Grackles hanging
out a near by and at first glance I thought it may have been a partial
albino Grackle.  I saw the bird flying away from me at first as it went to
perch in the tree, showing off the white in the primaries and scapulars but
as it landed it quickly grew to about a 1/3 bigger, a lot more colourful and
white!!!  Blew my mind at first.

I am sceptical about the origin of the bird, as the probability of it being
an escapee is quite high, but never the less I thought some may want to take
a look for it, or just for interest sake.

Stu Mackenzie
smacke03 at uoguelph.ca

Old Hwy # 6 or Gordon St. is the main road into Guelph from the south, NOT
the Hanlon expressway (new Hwy#6).  The Gordon/Lowes intersection is a small
stop light just north of the Gordon St./Clair Rd intersection (although that
may not help), and about 5 to 10 minutes south of the University.

"Stuart Mackenzie" <smacke03 at uoguelph.ca>

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