Pectoral Sandpipers Cottam/Kingsville

Ware Dean peleeisbirder at
Thu Mar 20 22:12:55 EST 2003


This afternoon there were 32 Pectoral Sandpipers and several  Ducks,Geese 
and Swans on the 6th con.E. located south of the town Cottam. One may find 
the 6 con. by exiting off #3 Hwy at Division rd.South. go 1oom  then turn 
west on the 6th con.go 1km  and you will notice the flooded field and swans. 
roadside viewing only!

Turkey Vulture: A single bird was flying over Lakeside park, Kingsville.

Good Birding,

Dean Ware
Wheatley ON.
peleeisbirder at

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