2 Bald Eagles Corner Marsh, Pickering

Dave Worthington worth at pathcom.com
Sun Mar 23 11:26:13 EST 2003

This morning (8:30 to 9 am) at the northwest end of Corner Marsh, Pickering
I observed 2 IMM (1st or 2nd yr birds) Bald Eagles. I originally saw them in
the trees above and just to the west of a new Wood Duck box that has been
put there. Then they flew down to the water's edge and walked around on the
bank or along the logs that are there.
Directions:  South from Bayly St. on Squires Beach  Rd to the end turn east
on McKay to Jodrel to Montgomery Rd turn east to where the road curves south
to the lake. Park at the corner and walk down to the marsh and look north.
They didn't appear to be going anywhere soon. Good luck

Dave Worthington
worth at pathcom.com

"Dave Worthington" <worth at pathcom.com>

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