London Area Updates March 15-22 + sad Peregrine news

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Mar 15  Killdeer, many Grackles,(first on 13th), Redwings Robins. 4 Wigeon
on river forks area.
Mar. 16 Milbert's Tortoiseshell in Dave Martin's yard. ( Second butterfly of
year - A cabbage White was flying in a basement in early Feb). Northern
Shrike at Kilally Meadows. Bald Eagle at Byron bridge
Mar 17. Snow Buntings on Old Victoria road with mating, singing Horned
Larks.   Eastern Phoebe on Dingman Drive.
Mar.19 Turkey Vulture at Harrietsville.
Mar.20 Tundras flying near,(50) and over, (4) London. Bald Eagle at Kilally
Meadows.Ringneck Duck near Hastings rd. in wet spot. Fox Sparrow
Mar.22 Aylmer W.M.A.  Tundra Swan, Bufflehead, Ringneck Duck, Black, and
Greenwing Teal, (Some open water). Also Pheasant on parking lot.
Aylmer Sewage Lagoons Bonaparte's Gull,(winter plumage), Pintail, Wigeon,
Gadwall, Hooded Merg, Wood Duck.
Fingal Wildlife Area (remember the Scissortail Flycatcher?) Bluewing Teal,
Redhead and Canvasback.
Peregrine News
George, originally from Hamilton, and last year's valiant father who raised
3 young alone after his mate was struck by lightning, unfortunately was
found with severe injuries from a fight, possibly with a Redtail. Although
rescued and given medical attention his injuries were too severe for him to
live. His mate, who had laid 3 eggs already, was unable to incubate them and
feed herself. Hopefully another male will come along very soon, so that
another attempt will be made by her.
Directions. From 401 go south on Elgin Rd, # 73, to Police college signing,
just north of Aylmer. Follow signs ,pass police college and turn in next
driveway for Aylmer. W.M.A.
Leave there turning south to first intersection, back to #73, (now called
Imperial Road) and across. Follow the road to next intersection, Rogers
Road, and turn south for sewage lagoons. Viewing stand for Fingal pond is in
Sw corner of wildlife area, which is found by going west from village of
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