job posting in London, and Peterborough Ontario

Peter Burke peter.burke2 at
Sun Mar 23 19:37:24 EST 2003

Here are some potential jobs available for summer field work around London,
Peterborough, and Ottawa.  The work will be lead by the MNR.

(8-10 positions, 10 - 16 weeks @ $275-$600/week depending on experience)

Field Assistants are needed to monitor the effects of forest harvesting
(London region) and/or housing (Peterborough region) on forest vegetation
and forest birds.  Primary duties will include finding and monitoring nests
of target bird species, and conducting surveys to determine nest predator
communities. Work will involve identifying some common forest birds by site
and sound, and the ability to identify the nest type characteristic of each
bird species.  Predator surveys will entail identifying small and medium
sized mammals and birds known to depredate bird nests by site, sound, scat,
and tracks. Assistants will also be involved in collecting vegetation data,
including identifying trees, shrubs, and herbs, measuring tree diameter and
percent cover of vegetation in each layer.  These positions will also entail
recording detailed nest monitoring field data and notes, using GPS, and
entering data into a computer database.  Students must be willing to work
very early mornings, sometimes under harsh conditions (lots of mosquitoes,
heat, difficult walking in some sites, some long hours).  Transportation
provided to study sites, but must have accommodation in the area of work.
Knowledge of birds, and experience working with birds and asset,
particularly work involving nest searching.  Positions are available in the
London region (4-6), Ottawa region (2), and Peterborough region (2).
Positions available to start May 12, 2003 closing date for applications
April 7,2003.  Please send resumes and cover letters to Dawn Burke,
Ecologist, Science and Information, Ministry of Natural Resources, 659
Exeter Rd., London, ON, N6E 1L3.  Or email to: dawn.burke at .
Phone inquiries can be directed to Dawn Burke: 519-873-4624 or Ken Elliott
at 519-873-4626 (London area) or contact Erica Nol: 705-748-1011 ext. 1640
(for information relevant to Peterborough and Ottawa sites).  Fax:
519-873-4645 (For all positions).

"Peter Burke" <peter.burke2 at>

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