Northern Waterthrush CORRECTION/Burlington

A & K Williams williamsmusic at
Mon Apr 7 16:49:15 EDT 2003

This is a correction to our report yesterday of a Northern Waterthrush at
Shoracres/Palletta Park in Burlington. After hearing from several good
birding friends, we compared our memories of this sighting with ALL of our
field guides, and also notes from Cheryl Edgecombe. It is most certainly a
Louisiana Waterthrush.

Cheryl refound the bird today in rather ghastly weather. She noted its pink
legs, light shade, bold supercillium, with some flank buffing. All the other
helpful birders also noted that the timing is nearly a month early for
Northerns. Its slow tail bobbing (i.e. half the speed of a Spotted
Sandpiper) is another clue. Thanks to all who e-mailed us!
Sometimes relying on one field guide in the field can be mis-leading!

Directions: QEW to Walker's Line in Burlington , go south (toward Lake
Ontario) and go left (east) on Lakeshore Rd. The park is less than one km on
your right.
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