Humber Bay waterfowl on Sunday - Toronto

The Alvo Family alvo at
Mon Apr 7 15:48:39 EDT 2003

In glorious late afternoon sun yesterday (5 pm),
I saw the following at Humber Bay:
Grebes: pied bill and horned
Ducks: all three mergansers, redheads, 1 wigeon, scaup, bufflehead,
long-tailed, common goldeneye, etc.
Two white geese that I thought were snow geese (not a bird I'm overly
familiar with), but they lacked the black on primaries and the black lips.
So if anyone else can confirm, please let me know privately.
Thank you to Teresa Dobko for the heads up about good birds here, although I
did not find any eared grebes. Her directions are below. All the areas
mentioned are worth checking.

Jack Alvo
alvo at


Humber Bay East:  From the Lakeshore Blvd. West in Toronto, exit at
Parklawn Avenue and drive south all the way into the parking lot and
park in the main lot.  Walk south from the parking lot over a small
mound area to the inner bay for most of the birds.  The Canvasback Ducks
were in the retaining ponds just east of that parking lot.

Humber Bay West can be reached off of the Lakeshore just west of
Parklawn, by driving south down the small roadway marked for Humber Bay
West.  Turn into the area for the second parking lot and the dock to see
the Trumpeter Swans and Pintail.  Afterward, exit the parking lot and
follow the main scenic drive into the park for the other grebes found
near the small white police building.

"The Alvo Family" <alvo at>

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