Louisiana Waterthrush - Point Pelee National Park

Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca
Tue Apr 8 09:12:57 EDT 2003

Last night around 6 pm Tammy Dobbie and I watched a Louisiana Waterthrush
in the parking lot at the Visitor Centre in the park.  An unusual location,
yes, but it appeared to be feeding around the running water at a sewer
grate (there wasn't much else available in all the ice and snow yesterday).
It flew off towards the north end of the Woodland Nature trail, giving its
distinctive chip note in the process.  We just finished watching an
American Pipit feeding on the walkway in front of the Visitor Centre - at
least 30 other individuals were spotted at the Tip late yesterday
afternoon.  Winter Wrens are scattered throughout the park, as well as
Rusty Blackbirds.  Large groups of waterfowl are still present off the Tip.

A Little Gull (sighted last night by Ethan Meleg) remains at Wheatley
Harbour, and while the Black-headed Gull was not spotted last night, it
would have been easy to miss given the weather conditions and sheer volume
of Bonaparte's Gulls in the area.

A single Long-tailed Duck remains in the marina at Sturgeon Creek - it is
in a very interesting plumage, about half way between summer and winter

The park is currently open from 6 am to 9:30 pm.

Good Birding!

Sarah Rupert
a/Sr. Park Interpreter
Point Pelee National Park of Canada
Leamington, Ontario
sarah.rupert at pc.gc.ca

Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca

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