Louisiana waterthrush, Burlington

John Keenleyside johnkeenleyside at iprimus.ca
Tue Apr 8 12:57:47 EDT 2003

The Louisiana waterthrush first found 2 days ago at Paletta Park, was
seen again this morning by Don Perks and I, at around 11:30. It was well
seen from the last bridge, where Shoreacres Creek flows into Lake
Ontario. Apart from looking wet, it seemed none the worse for
yesterday's weather, and was actively feeding on what appeared to be the
contents of Zebra mussel shells. It was still there when we left after a
half hour or so.

Paletta Park extends south to the lake, from Lakeshore Rd. in
Burlington, half way between Walker's Line and Appleby Line.

John Keenleyside,
Burlington, ON.

John Keenleyside <johnkeenleyside at iprimus.ca>

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