Windsor - LA Waterthrush, Tufted Titmouse

Mark Conlon markconlon at
Tue Apr 8 23:56:28 EDT 2003

Ojibway Visitor's Centre Windsor, ON
April 8, 2003

Increasing temperatures today inspired me to venture out after the recent
snowfall (seems I might be a fairweather birder). I am glad I did. I had
assumed the snow would have diminished sightings but to my surprise I had
several First of Seasons today!


Brownheaded Cowbird
Eastern Towhee
Tufted Titmouse
Fox Sparrow
Louisianna Waterthrush (life list!!! .. Im still new to this :) )

At one point I was able to view 4 sparrow species at one time; Song, Fox,
White Throated and Am. Tree.
Some of the common birds are becoming more abundant. For instance in my view
finder, on a bare patch of grass, 5 Common Flickers. Flickers were quite
numerous today. Robins also were more numerous than in the last week.

That's the hilights today, happy birding.

Mark Conlon
Lasalle, Ontario

"Mark Conlon" <markconlon at>

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