Eurasian Wigeons at Long Point

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Thu Apr 10 23:06:00 EDT 2003

The typical Eurasian Wigeon was present this evening (5:30) at Lee Brown's
Waterfowl Management Area west of Port Royal on Regional Rd. 42.  It was
joined by a second bird which was very similar to one of the hybrid
Eurasian x American Wigeon pictured in Sibley (lower bird at bottom of
page).  The base head colour was a dull buff (not bright as in Sibley; I
think the colours of all the birds on this page are too bright) with the
usual bright rufous restricted to where an American Wigeon shows green.
The crown and forehead were a pale off-white, intermediate between American
white and Eurasian cream, both of which swam nearby for comparison.  Where
the Eurasian was the picture of neatness with its gray sides and back
offset by its pale salmon coloured breast, this bird's flanks and back were
gray with smudging of brown.  

All in all a very interesting bird, well worth looking for.

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