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Sat Apr 12 16:37:06 EDT 2003

Greetings Ontbirders,

Today, Saturday 26 April, after visiting the Riceville area early in the AM
(anticipating possible flocks of Snow Geese but finding none - in fact,
nothing but Canada's and only very few of these), we proceeded west to the
Cobb's Lake creek floodplain between the communities of Pendleton & Bourget,
east of Ottawa.  At approx. 11:00 hrs we encountered a flock of ~ 1500 Snow
Geese flying in & landing east of Johnston Rd. & south of Russell Rd.
Additional groups of both Greater & Lesser Snow Geese, including approx. 20
blue-morph's, continued to arrive.  By 11:20 the number had increased to ~
3000, at which time we discovered an adult ROSS' GOOSE among the majority of
Lesser Snow's.  All the geese were viewed at close range.

We monitored the flock for about 1 1/2 hours, and were able to study one
ROSS' GOOSE for at least a full 1/2 hour.  There was probably a 2nd ROSS' ,
but the flock was very restless and circuunmstances continued to change.  We
initiated a Rare Bird Alert for the Ottawa-Gatineau area @ 11:30.  The geese
were still present when we departed at 12:00, at which time one of the Ross'
Geese was relocated.

While observing the Snow Geese, a MOOSE was observed crossing the corn
fields behind the geese (not kidding!).  There is a resident moose
population in the nearby Larose Forest.  Our party had difficulty deciding
which was today's highlight....The Goose or the Moose?...

>From Ottawa, take Hwy 417 east to exit 88, then north to Vars.  Continue
north to Russell Rd. (Regional Rd. 26) then go east / northeast through
Bourget.  Follow Russell Rd (which becomes R.R. 2 at the village of Cheney)
. East of Bourget, look for Johnston Rd. on your right (south).  The Snow &
Ross' Geese (and the moose) were on the south side of Russell Rd. near the
the bridge marked "Cobbs Lake Creek".  The geese may remain for another day
or so... the moose is well into the woods by now.

Good Birding,
Bob Bracken, Chris Lewis, Bev Scott & Paul Mirsky
hagenius at

"Christina Lewis" <hagenius at>

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