Lesser Black-Back Gull, Lesser Scaup at Eastport Drive

Jacques Giraud jacques at giraud.com
Sat Apr 12 17:15:37 EDT 2003

While birding along Eastport Drive underneath the Burlington Skyway at the large ring-billed gull colony, I spotted a lesser-blacked
back gull in amongst all the ring-billed gulls. The bird was at the very back of the collection of the gulls and was slightly larger
than the ring-billed gulls but wasn't large enough to be a great black-backed gull.

The black-crowned night herons have started nesting in the trees in the same area.

Further east at the canal that drains off Windermere Basin, where several lesser scaup along with bufflehead, greater scaup and
ruddy duck.

At the first island off the Canada Centre for Inland Water, there is a tethered golden eagle as well as an immature red-tail.

Jacques Giraud

"Jacques Giraud" <jacques at giraud.com>

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