Golden-crowned kinglets at Beamer

Jeanne Halet Syms jeannehs at
Sun Apr 13 06:27:31 EDT 2003

Went out to the Hawkwatch Open House at Beamer Conservancy.
In the woods south west of the tower, there were Golden-crowned kinglets
flitting around the treetops of the evergreens. Also heard a Flicker, and
saw a Hairy Woodpecker. To the east of the tower there are several fox
sparrows and Juncos on the ground under the feeders. In the hour we were
there (from 1:00 to 2:00) we saw many Turkey Vultures, Red tailed Hawks,
also Red-shouldered Hawk, Rough legged hawk, Sharp-shinned hawks, Harriers
and a Goshawk was sighted by others altho' I didn't get to see it before it
flew over the trees. The Hawk watch counters were recording the numbers so I
didn't bother.

Beamer Conservation area is up on the escarpment above Grimsby. Take the QEW
to the Christie St. exit, go up Mountain to the first right at the top of
the hill, and then watch for the sign for Quarry Rd and the Conservation
area (on the right). Park in the parking lot by the road or you can drive in
and see if there are any spaces left near the tower.

Jeanne Halet Syms
Burlington, ON

"Jeanne Halet Syms" <jeannehs at>

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