Corrections to ROSS' s GOOSE posting (Ottawa) & follow-up

Christina Lewis hagenius at
Sun Apr 13 19:46:40 EDT 2003

Hi again Ontbirders,

We were obviously a bit excited about the large flock of Snow Geese as well
as the discovery of 2 Ross's it appears that a few
corrections are in order:

1) The spelling of Ross's Goose should be ROSS's (NOT Ross')
2) The date was Saturday April 12 (NOT the 26th - duh!))
3) Spelling of "circumstances" - computer spell-check missed it (the old
machine fooled us by trying to correct Paul Mirsky's name instead)
4) Time of viewing the birds - In the "1 1/2 hours" given in our report, we
neglected to mention that we returned at 12:30 and spent an additional 1/2
hour with the same flock, at which time one of the Ross's Geese was
5) Aside from the above amendments, the account of the Moose was accurate -
no corrections!!

As a follow-up to this report...from today, April 13 - three of our birding
friends returned to this area and spent several hours early this afternoon.
They failed to relocate this congregation of Snow Geese, and could not in
fact find a single one.  Even the Canada's were largely gone.

More good birding,
Chris Lewis & Bob Bracken
hagenius at

"Christina Lewis" <hagenius at>

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