Point Pelee

Mark Conlon markconlon at sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 15 00:24:27 EDT 2003

Hello Birders,

A great trip to Point Pelee today. ( Can one have poor trips to this
paradise ??? )

The highlights on the day follow;


Swamp Sparrow 1 - Marsh Boardwalk
Sandhill Crane 2 Marsh Boardwalk,  1 Front Gate
Ring Necked Duck 2 Front Gate 4 Marsh Boardwalk
American Coot 4 - Marsh Boardwalk
Blue Winged Teal - Lots

Also noteworthy:

Yellow Bellied Woodpecker 2
Yellow Rumped Warbler

Great Horned Owl (seen from the tower at the Marsh Boardwalk). This bird was
spotted by my friend Denise, who has been aching to see owls all winter. The
last time in this area we believed to have seen one. Perhaps this area is a
frequent roost.

At the start of the De Laurier Trail a Winter Wren came within six feet. At
the end of the trail Black & White Warbler made an appearance. This bird's
plumage seemed in transition but I am reasonably certain of the ID.

Mark Conlon & Denise Bourgeois

"Mark Conlon" <markconlon at sympatico.ca>

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