Eastern Ontario ravens

Marcel Gahbauer marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca
Tue Apr 22 21:44:04 EDT 2003

Following up on a couple of other recent sightings of Ravens south of their
"normal" range, I found it interesting that in driving from Toronto to
Ottawa today, I encountered individuals along the highway at four separate
locations - three along Hwy 401 west of Brockville (between km 669 and 685),
and another at Hwy 416 and Fallowfield on the southwest end of Ottawa.
Migrants, or signs of a species expanding its range?  Prior to today, I had
never seen a Raven along Hwy 401.  Atlassing this summer may provide some
answers; meanwhile, keep looking for the unexpected to break up the monotony
of highway driving!

Marcel Gahbauer
Ottawa ON
marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca

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