Palm Warbler near Kearney (SE Parry Sound district)

Kip Daynard forthebirds at
Wed Apr 23 09:05:14 EDT 2003

Dear Ontbirders,

A few minutes ago an early Palm Warbler landed in a small cedar tree outside
my window where it remained for several minutes pumping its tail.

Being less than 20kms from Algonquin's western edge, I find it useful to
compare local sightings with the seasonal statuses of birds in the park.
According to Algonquin's Technical Bulletin No. 9 (1997), the earliest
recorded observation of a Palm Warbler in Algonquin is April 27th (4 days

(In any case, this is an unexpected and cheerful visitor for a snowy April
I live at the south end of Bay Lake (about 10 kms south of Kearney or 35 kms
north of Huntsville).

Directions from Huntsville:
Hwy 11 north to Novar exit, follow 592 north, right on Bay Lake Rd., keep
right on Bay Lake Rd. to #1380.

Directions from Kearney
Kearney Rd. south, right on Halls Rd., left on Rochester Lake Rd, left on
Bay Lake Rd, keep right on Bay Lake Rd. to #1380.

Kip Daynard
Emsdale, Ontario

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