common loon migration over Middlesex

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Sat Apr 26 10:07:22 EDT 2003

April 26, 2003
Common Loon migration over Middlesex County

Hi there,
I too have been watching loons migrate northwest from Lake Erie, but had to
take the last couple of days off and missed the latest heavy movement days.
However, I was out today in Komoka Provincial Park, just west of London, and
counted 89 flying over during the 7:30 to 9:00 am time period. The winds
were initially fairly strong from the west-northwest but slowed somewhat by
8:30. The peak time for movement was about 8:10 am. The birds mostly
appeared to the east of me, somewhat closer to London. This is a heavy day
for me, the most in several years. I think I am just west of the heavier
movements that Dave Martin and Ross Snider report. Perhaps more loons are
moving elsewhere today. As Dave has mentioned in previous notes, we don't
often get two good days in a row. According to my results, there might have
been 3 good days in a row.

Pete Read, Komoka Park (at County Road 16 and 14, 8 km west of London)

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